Polish as a foreign language

Learn Polish with Advans by following our tutor's blog, podcast Polski Z Grażyną and downloading our unique materials. You can also book 1-1 Skype sessions or/and enrol to our workshops online coming up in January 2019. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Lekcje wideo (video lessons)

Lekcje wideo uczące języka polskiego na poziomie podstawowym. W każdej lekcji nowe słówka i zwroty. (Video lessons including new vocabulary and phrases. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications of our newest uploads).


Autorski, bardzo popularny podcast językowy Polski z Grażyną dostępny na stronie internetowej oraz iTunes. (Very popular podcast loved by many students all over the world. Follow Grażyna and her family - a fictional character living and working in Kraków, Poland).

Tutor's blog

Poczytaj blog nauczyciela i dowiedz się więcej na temat historii, literatury, kultury i tradycji Polski. (Follow our tutor's blog and learn more about Polish tradition, history, literature and culture).

PZG PODCAST: Episode 68

POLSKI Z GRAŻYNĄ: Tom is returning to Kraków after a long and exhausting journey. Grażyna is very happy to see him. Tom has got a huge surprise for Grażyna, but first, he needs to speak with her family in secret...