Learn Polish

How to start?

  1. Email Advans to book your first free lesson. You will receive an email from your tutor asking to exchange your contact details. You will be taught via your preferable communicator (Skype, FB Messenger, Viber, etc.)
  2. You don’t need to purchase any course books. All learning material will be provided to you free of charge.
  3. Join our Facebook group where you can listen to additional video lessons (for free, meet other people and try your Polish online!
  4. Familiarise yourself with our parent website for learning Polish Polski z Grażyną
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter. It helps knowing what else is on offer (webinars, free courses, books)!
  6. You will receive an invoice for your lesson after it has been provided. You have a choice of learning either for 45 minutes (£20.00) or an hour (£25.00)
  7. Enjoy!!!

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